"Entertaining and Evocative

Beautifully conceived and executed ‘UFOs and God’ is an intriguing collection of short stories, ranging widely in both tone and plots with varying formats and lengths in multiple genres. Delivered with most picturesque imagery, elegant yet descriptive, ‘UFOs and God’ is a solid piece of literary collection that cleverly uses an array of analogy of ambiguity and emotion giving it an impressive depth. This book is sure to delight a wider audience and fascinate them with brimming fantasy, fiction and reality. An ideal collection to give, share and indulge in, ‘UFOs and God’ is a 5 star read!" — ENAS Reviews

“The emotions in these tales are extremely vivid – making it an extremely entertaining and enjoyable experience for the reader. Good to read in one sitting, or to pick up and read a quick story every now and then.” -- Luke Marlowe, The Bookbag

“The stories range from a couple of pages to over thirty. They begin with two boys tossing pebbles and making wishes into a well, and they end with a writer awaiting the return of his wife while he contemplates the lives and scenery surrounding him. While varied and unique from one another, they are united by the frailty yet strength of their humanity. Lane is a seasoned writer, and his skills are on display in UFOs and God.”

  -- Lee Ware, US Review of Books


“As an avid short story reader, I was excited to pick up this collection by talented author, Michael Lane. Like any short story collection, there are bound to be favorites, but in my case there are too many favorites to list. Some, like "Whiff," "Anniversary," and "War" brought tears to my eyes, while others, such as "Dr. Feel Good," made me laugh out loud. No matter which story turns out to be your favorite, this outstanding collection is a 'must read.' UFOs and God opens a window into the human spirit: a masterfully woven tapestry of love, loss, forgiveness, and laughter. -- Leigh Goodison, author of the St. Augustus Chronicles 

“Short story readers who relish philosophical and psychological introspection in a diverse array of characters and life-changing yet small events will find this collection thought-provoking in nature and satisfyingly diverse in scope.”  -- Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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