The Family Stone

"The Family Stone is an exquisitely written family chronicle surrounding the owners of Willie's Market, Abraham and Winona Stone. Set in the backdrop of the Civil Rights movement, Willie's Market is the nucleus where family, friends, adversaries, and old lovers converge. Filled with humor, sadness, love and tragedy, the characters will stay with you long after you've turned the last page. Highly recommended. I purchased this book directly from the publisher." -- Leona Grieve

“The Family Stone was a very interesting read! Honestly, it's not a book I would typically pick up, but due to the pandemic I found myself reading a variety of books and watching shows I typically wouldn't. Some of these novels, like this one, surprised me by how much I enjoyed it. I'm not necessarily giving it five stars because I was wildly entertained the whole time, like I said, it's not my typical cup of tea; that being said, I'm giving it five stars because of the excellent writing. The author, Michael R. Lane, does a phenomenal job in his diversity of characters. Their colorful personalities and strong dialogue all serve to create riveting and believable interactions with each other. It speaks volumes of an author when they have the capability of creating such a vast array of characters that are so unique while maintaining that sense of believability. The first interaction in the exposition between mother and son was humorous, and yet also served to convey the underlying stress and struggle of their existence. In this manner the author was able to set the tone for the rest of the novel. I honestly loved a variety of these characters and would definitely recommend it to someone that's looking to alleviate the boredom of this pandemic. We can't necessarily be social ourselves right now, but we can enjoy the social interactions of others, and this is by far one of the most colorfully written books I've written in a long time in that regards.” -- Jillian


“I enjoyed a refreshingly good read when I picked up a copy of The Family Stone by author Michael R. Lane. The story is centered around a family in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area that owns a corner store and their interactions with their neighbors, friends and family in day to day life.

     The time setting of the story is in a much simpler time than our own, before the mega big box stores, the internet shopping craze and chain convenience stores took over the grocery industry and when the corner store was where many people purchased their food to eat almost on a daily basis. This daily interaction led to friendships and daily friendly banter and gossip in the store by the owners, workers and those who frequented the corner store. This dynamic along with the setting in a mostly African-American neighborhood makes for an interesting storyline in the book. The Area is known as East Liberty and Willie’s Market was purchased by a married couple named Winona and Abraham Stone who run the store and get to stay on top of all of the latest juicy gossip in town.

     It is really quite enjoyable to let the author’s descriptions of the characters and setting take you into the setting and story. It is a very relatable story and it is enjoyable because of the interesting characters and their interactions with each other. Michael Lane is very talented and his way with words keeps you engrossed in the text. I enjoyed the book and recommend it to those who want a change of pace in reading and some hours of looking at the lives of someone else.” -- Darin Hayes


“The Family Stone by author Michael R. Lane was an amazing book. Out of all the books I have read during this COVID madness this one has to be the most unique. It is simply solid writing. It tells a central story well through all the smaller stories in the book. There was a lot of dialog and dialog is hard writing. Small mistakes can mess up the authenticity of the flow of conversation. There were no mistakes in this book. The conversations were flawless and very entertaining. Its not a book for kids and young teens. I would however feel comfortable with my 16-year-old reading it. Honestly at this point in our lives he has probably been exposed to worse on the internet or through his friends. The editing was on point. The overall book flowed very well and was seamlessly put together. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a heart felt story to read at a great price. I have paid 14 15 bucks for similar quality books. Please check out this author’s work! Buy the book!!! Get a great deal for an amazing amount of entertainment!!! 5 stars all the way.” -- Bella the Book Reading Terrier


“The Family Stone by author Michael R. Lane, is really an amazing book. It is a modern day look back, almost as if through some time machine, into the lives and personal struggles of people trying to make a living during the days of the civil rights movement. Its main setting is a neighborhood store called Willie’s Market, and the story that blooms from that setting is just wonderful.

     The book is predominantly dialog, and the dialects and attitudes in the conversations are absolutely amazing. The reader will feel that they are back there in that old market, or at least at a Broadway play about such a place. The characters are as ‘real’ as they could be.

     As a onetime owner of a small country store, I was able to empathize with the owners of Willie’s Market more than I can relate here.

     This book is somewhat of an ‘adult’ nature, and as such portrays many adult situations. I would not recommend it for young teens, but adults will love it, and will grow to appreciate the time in which this story took place. Before the age of the megastore, such small corner stores and local markets fed and clothed the people of our country.

     I am happy with my purchase, would buy this book again, and do recommend it to an adult audience.” -- George (Amazon)


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